About Holly - Built By Holly
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About Holly

In 2014 my life started to shift. The day-to-day routine of waking up, going to work, coming home on repeat, started to wear on me. I was a computer technician working the same job since 2001. I had decent pay, great benefits and good vacation. The last year and half had been a time of frustration and confusion. I would sit at my desk thinking, there is more to life than this. I loved computers and helping others, but I was unhappy. It wasn’t fulfilling anymore and I lost the passion I once had for computer work. I was off task frequently trying to figure out what was wrong and why I was not happy with such a great job and thankful for what I had. I took strength and weakness tests trying to figure out what I could change. I was lost.


I started to spend more time by myself reading and becoming mindful of what I was doing throughout my days. What I came to realize was, each time I was off task I was doing the same thing. Reading articles about health and fitness that would grab my attention. Excited for the end of my workday to go for a run and try a new workout routine for myself. I thought about becoming a fitness instructor in the past, but never thought I had the ability to help motivate someone else. I worked out and was passionate about staying healthy and fit; but I didn’t think I could help others do the same. I had two breakdowns that year and finally had enough. When your body tells you it’s time for a change, you listen. I finally made the decision to quit my 9-5 and pursue a calling. There are signs that lead us to what we are good at and truly desire if we listen.


Steps to a new life…


July 3, 2015 was my last day of corporate life. For the first time in quite awhile, setting a quit date and venturing to the unknown had excited me. There was a tremendous weight lifted from my chest after making that decision.
A timeline of events lead to the final decision to quit my job. A 10 day vacation in California, paddle boarding for the first time while in CA, running past an old gym when I returned home and just believing I was on the right path. This all lead to the final day of cubical life. While in San Diego, I went for a run and saw people paddleboarding in a cove off the ocean. I immediately rented a board, paddle and with no instruction went out on the water and fell in love instantly. When I returned home, I found Nashville Paddle Company and went on a full moon paddle. They happen to be looking for instructors and I became one of them. Teaching people how to paddle was fun and came easy to me. A few weeks later I went for a run and came across a gym I did a boot camp at when I first moved to Nashville, LifeFitness Academy. I walked in and spoke with a few of the instructors I remembered and asked about becoming a trainer. I started shadowing a few days later. I learned a lot in those last months before quitting and found I did have the ability to motivate others. I just needed to believe there was a plan for me and the events would unfold when the time was right.


The way I live…


It’s been a long road since 2015 and starting Built By Holly, but I am very grateful for every step of the journey. I’ve learned so much in the last year about myself and helping others. The road to happiness is different for all of us, but the same principles apply to everyone to live a healthy happy life. Stay active, Eat to live, Believe in yourself and Help others. You have the ability to create a life that embraces these principles if you truly desire.


~Embrace the Journey~